Scouts go Sailing

The Scouts began their water season this week heading out under light winds in a variety of boats.

Scouts Chef

Two Patrols work together creating a mixture of dishes. Cheesy Nachos, Beef Burrito Melon & Fruit Coulis, Chicken & Veg Noodle

Movie Night….

The Scouts had a film night watching titles of the choosing of recent winning patrols in the termly Patrol Points.

Beavers Go Boating

In Kayaks at least….. Beavers showed off their impressive Kayaking skills on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Scouts Go Rafting!

Whilst the Beavers & Cubs came along to practice their Kayaking skills, the Scouts built & raced rafts at the local Sailing club where we do most of our Water Activities

Return to the water….

Beavers and Scouts returned to the Lake last night for some superb Kayaking! The weather was glorious with a super sunset to close