Cub Awards

Membership Award

Once you make your promise, you’ll be given this badge, along with your Membership Badges for District/County/Name

Top Award – Chief Scouts Silver Award

This is the highest Award a Cub can earn, and its something to work on one step at a time – throughout your time at Cubs. You’ll need to complete all of the Challenge Awards, as well as any six Activity badges (including Staged Activity Badges)

Challenge Awards

Completing the Challenge Awards pushes you out of your comfort zones and challenges you to do more, learn more and be more. See what’s on offer and start your journey to the top.
There are 7 of these in Cubs – Adventure, Outdoors, Skills, Personal, Team Leader, Teamwork and World

Activity Badges

There are a number of different activity badges in Cubs that can be worked on, you’ll complete a lot of these at Pack Meetings, but you can work on them at anytime – just talk to one of the Leaders.

Joining In Awards

These celebrate every year you spend with us. You can earn up to 2 of these in Cubs, and they are different colours!

Other Awards

There are also awards for Leadership (Sixer / Seconder) and between 10 – 11 you’ll start working on your Moving on Award to become a Scout.